What is Wine?

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What is Wine?
  • Wine is fermented grape juice.
Though, it can also be made from berries, fruits etc, most of the wine is made from grapes. And no matter what the wine is made from, there must be fermentation, which means, that sugar is converted into alcohol.
  • If the amount of alcohol is relatively low, the result is wine. If it is high, the result is a "distilled liquor," something like gin or vodka

There are red wines, white wines and Rosé wines.

  • Red wine is made from the must (pulp) of red or black grapes that undergo fermentation together with the grape skins, while white wine is usually made by fermenting only the juice pressed from white grapes, but can also be made from must extracted from red grapes with minimal contact with the grapes' skins. Rosé wines are made from red grapes where the juice is allowed to stay in contact with the dark skins long enough to pick up a pinkish color, but little of the tannins contained in the skins.

Wines might be "fortified," "sparkling," or "table."

In fortified wines, brandy is added to make the alcohol content higher (around 14 to 30 percent).

Wines are termed still or sparkling depending upon the amount of CO2 they contain. The carbon dioxide may be formed naturally during fermentation or may be added artificially.

Both table and sparkling wines tend to have alcohol contents between 7 and 14 percent.